BIG DATA and DATA VISUALIZATION is not in anyway new trend; it has always been present in numerous ways for more many centuries ago almost as old as the human race.

Big Data And Data Visualization Matters Now, Why?

Ancient Egyptians utilize paintings in symbolic manners, drawn against the walls & pottery with the purpose of telling timeless and evergreen stories of their proud culture for generations and even more generations to come. The human brain understands and comprehends information through pictures easier than those in writings, spreadsheets, essays, sentences, etc. You would have seen and noticed many traffic symbols on the road either by chance or accident on various roads. The question is why do they have just only pictures instead of writings like a whole sentence, e.g., a deer crossing, narrow bridge or a school ahead? It is only because as a driver you can quickly grasp images faster while still concentrating on keeping your eyes/attention on the road. In the last 25 years, technology in one way or the other has given us some popular methods such as bar, pie charts, and line displaying/representing company progress in various styles, which still populate the boardrooms.

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Big Data And Data Visualization matter now
Big Data And Data Visualization matter now

Big data and data visualization has turned into a key discipline as it enables an ever-increasing number of businesses and decision makers to see analytics and big data presented visually. It helps recognize the correct territory that needs consideration or change than abandoning it to the leaders to decipher as they need. As of not long ago comprehending the majority of that raw big data was excessively overwhelming for most, yet late registering developments have made new tools like Scene, Qlik with striking visual techniques, especially for use web-based, including the use of animations.

There is an abundance of data stowing away from the big data in your database that is just holding up to be discovered. Indeed, even historical confounded big data gathered from disparate sources start to bode well when shown pictorially. Data Scientists make a fantastic showing with regards to of breaking down this data visualization using machine learning, discovering relationship, however, conveying the story to others is the last milestone.

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In the present Digital age, we as consumers create tons of big data consistently and businesses need to use that for hyper-personalization, also sending the right proposal/offers to us by gathering, storing and investigating this big data. Data Visualization is the necessary fixing to convey the energy of this big data to the mainstream. It is difficult to tell how the data behaves in the big data table. Just when we apply big data visualization using graphs or charts, we get a clear picture how the big data act.

Data visualization allows us to rapidly decipher the big data and adjust distinctive variables to see their impact and technology is increasingly making it easier for us to do as such. The best big data visualizations are ones that expose something new about the hidden patterns and relationships contained in the big data. Data Visualization brings various advantages such as showing the big picture rapidly with simplicity for additional activity.

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In conclusion, as is commonly said “words usually can’t do a picture justice” and it is much vital when you are attempting to show the relationships inside the data. Big data is the new oil, yet it is unrefined, and can’t be used unless it has been refined with visualization to bring the world new gold nuggets


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